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It’s been a long time since I’ve written here.  I’ve been conscious of moving through a profound transition and needing to be present to the feelings involved. 

In a few short months I’m retiring from a workplace where I’ve poured out my life for 37 years–Shadow Rock Preschool.  As a preschool parent, board vice-chair and chair, teacher and co-director I’ve been able to work with children, their families, teachers, colleagues–incredible people all.  At the same time I facilitated a church addition with volunteers, taught parenting in a women’s prison, administered a church staff, directed a non-profit that supports family literacy, created a non-profit supporting alternative work schedules, wrote and produced a musical, served as an officer of an interfaith coalition supporting energy reduction for religious campuses, created a consulting group working with life transitions, provided music and art therapy to mentally ill residents, helped found a community theater, taught for a community college, attended a seminary earning a Master of Arts in Values degree, and studied to become a celebrant.  These were just a few of things I did while I also worked at Shadow Rock Preschool.

Every day I’m saying good-bye to something.  Sometimes it’s with a hooray, but usually with a tear.

Knowing about transitions is not the same as walking through them.  Liminality is a difficult, but rewarding, place to be.  I’m between, not a part fully of either my old life or my new.  I’m grateful for the blessings and sad for the endings.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to make this decision myself.  I’m grateful for the chance to be present to honoring the memories.  Life is good.

Dr. Frederic Hudson taught me to plan for my future, to move with purpose from one life structure to another.  I think that’s what I’m doing.  Who knew it would be so hard?