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Fresh Starts

Recently, when leaving a supermarket in Sedona, I was in a grumpy mood.  I don’t even remember why at this moment, just that I was digruntled about something.

As I drove toward our condo, I looked up at the magnificent red-tinged mountains ahead of me.  Wow!  It was eventide, that exact moment when the sun has disappeared and the cliffs radiate their own magical light.  Instantly the negative mood lifted and I was filled with peace and awe.  In just a flash…

I hope that each of us remembers to “lift our eyes unto the hills” this glorious, new, pregnant year.  Peace to you and yours from Life-Cycle Celebrations.  Remember to honor your celebration moments and write to me, or call, if you want assistance in planning your own personalized ritual or ceremony.

We will lift our eyes together.