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New Perspective on Transitions

My last entry was BA–Before the Accident.  This one is written AA–After the Accident.

On March 8 I took a ten-foot ride on top of a ladder, crashing to a tile floor and shattering my left knee cap.  New to me events included an ambulance ride with young (and cute) paramedics, surgery on my knee, walking with crutches, then a walker and finally a cane, and an inability to drive.  Wow!  Life certainly changed in a very few seconds.

As always, I’ve learned some things.  One is to find the blessings in the lesson.  I hurt only one extremity.  My husband has found his calling as a dedicated and kind nurse.  Friends have visited, sent cards, and brought fabulous meals.  My family has been responsive and incredibly helpful.  My faith community has been fantastic.  I’ve had time to read and reflect.

I’ve also experienced disappointents.  The Threshold Choir I hope to organize had its first session scheduled on the exact day of my surgery.   That will have to wait.   I miss the ability to be on my own.  My leg hurts.  I can only imagine the financial cost.  I’m pretty sure I’ve gained weight.

In balance, the positives outweigh the negatives.  The “Accident” will not define my life, although I might let it define about six weeks of March and April.  :-)

Transitions are those places in our lives where one way of life comes to an end and another begins.  I think all of the fall-out from this fall-down qualifies as a transition.  The question arises, then, what will I take with me into the future?

Friends and family are to be appreciated.

Caution will temper my “I can do anything” attitude.

Bodily healing is quite miraculous.

Health professionals provide second chances.

My timeline is not the only timeline.

I have a huge amount of empathy for folks who are physically handicapped.

I have been changed for the better.  (Disclosure: I just saw Wicked.)

Life is good.