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From Heaven to Hell

I spent last week in Heaven at a Threshold Choir National Gathering in Healdsburg, CA.  The harmony, music, compassionate women, inspiring workshops, and beautiful setting all added up to a deeply spiritual week.

One morning at 3:00 I woke up with this song:

 Love falls down like gentle rain,

Washes out regret and pain.

The desert blooms again.

A harmony part goes:

 Pitter patter, love is falling,

Pitter patter, love is falling,

Pitter patter, love is falling down.

Just being in the spiritual, creative mileau led to this first-ever happening for me.  I have written many songs, but they have always required “work”.  This one just fluttered down on me.

The night before, however, a deeply disturbing dream had surfaced.  I’ve since processed it (with expert help) and realize that it brought me a gift of closure from a particularly painful time in my life.

I share all of this simply to say that we can learn as human beings to cultivate places of peace and harmony.  It is possible.  Instead, we’ve just undergone a week from Hell—bombings, explosions, a disappointing vote against background checks for gun purchasers, a paralyzed city.

The juxtaposition of the two weeks has my head spinning. 

We have a choice.

May “love fall down like gentle rain” in your life.