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Midsummer’s Eve Frolic

A friend decided to have a party with a Midsummer’s Eve theme.  Wow, did she plan a party!

I loved being one of her planning partners.  I researched midsummer customs and she set the party for June 22, a Saturday close to the Summer Solstice and the evening of a Supermoon.  (also, one day before her 70th birthday)  Another friend offered a Danish traditional song and our Threshold Choir shared this song by Kate Munger.

What light do you shine in the world?

What gift do you give every day?

What comes from your heart, and becomes your life’s art?

What light do you shine in the world?

I focused on light and gifts from the sun, moving from summer fruit to solar energy.  I spoke of other cultural traditions, such as leaping over bonfires, rolling a flaming wheel downhill into a river, eating special foods and dancing round a Maypole.

The night of the party all was in place.  The almost 90 attendees wore white and were given flower haloes filled with glow sticks. flower sucker magic wands and sheer wings.  It looked like a Angel Convention!  Beautiful guitar music filled the grassy space, which had white lights in the trees and activites spread throughout.  Choices included creating a dreamcatcher, experiencing a chair massage, creating a work of art for our hostess, taking a picture using a variety of frames, dancing around a Maypole, eating incredible chocolate foods, and throwing our best intentions in a small bonfire.  (A telescope was missing because of illness.)

Folks left with a card suggesting ways to keep the celebration going–such as bringing cut flowers into the house and cooking a favorite dish for someone in need.  This feast for the senses was a huge success!  Feel free to borrow some of the ideas for your own gala.