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Writing Again

I’ve taken a vacation from writing, but not living!fall

Today I’m thinking about fall and its gifts.  My pulse quickens and stride lengthens when summer is finally over and we can begin life anew here in the desert.

Thanksgiving approaches and gratitude is on my heart and mind.  Blessings abound.  Physically I’m losing weight and my broken arm is healed.  Emotionally I’m not stressed by anything too serious.  Psychologically I’m perhaps in the best place ever.  Historically I’m having fun searching old photos and genealogy trees.  (The photo is the family homestead in Kentucky.)  Soulfully I’m reading about Israel/Palestine/Jordan in preparation for a trip there in the spring.  Vocationally I’m grateful for time to be a part of a Threshold Choir and to plan a celebration of life service.

Thank you, Universe.