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Claiming the Term “Feminist”

IMG_4561This week I was privileged to honor the Sun City Chapter of NOW.  We read a poem by Alice Walker, danced to Sweet Honey and the Rock, sang with Holly Near, lit candles, and were showered with rose petals. I read a quote from Gloria Steinam.  When she was asked if she was ready to pass the torch, her reply was that she’d keep her torch, thank you very much, and use it to light the torches of others.  The women present, in the 70s, 80s and 90s, seemed appreciative of the recognition of their achievements.  Each had written a short paragraph about when she first knew she was a “feminist” and we read those randomly, guessing the author.  They knew one another well, and always guessed quickly.  I appreciate my friend Kathleen initiating this ceremony and wisely shaping it as it took place.  It seems fitting to post this as Mothers’ Day approaches, as the holiday was first of all a recognition of women’s contributions to society.