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Peace Be with You

We stood on the Allenby Bridge between Israel and Jordan.  Sweat trickled down our backs and we stole furtive glances of one another.  She was young and beautiful and wore a hijab and long skirt.  I was a tourist with camera and suitcase in hand.

Quietly I asked her if she spoke English and she nodded affirmatively.  We exchanged names and talked of families and children and of the indignities she faces crossing at this border point.  As we stood in the searing sun I understood.  Sometimes a crossing can take 5-6 hours.  She stays in Amman, her birthplace, during the week and goes home to Palestine and her family on the week-ends. I learned she is a Jordanian student of Palliative Care Nursing at a university in Amman.  She told me it is a new field for their country.

I told her of the Threshold Choir and of our mission of bringing compassion bedside.  She told me of her grandmother’s death.  I spoke of my mom’s.  Then I sang to her, intently and looking into her eyes.  “May peace be with you, peace be with you now, may peace be with you always…”  We cried together and the line began moving slowly as we touched hands in farewell.