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A Good Day to Die

10600661_800445156661883_3371777788181263036_nAugust 7 was a good day to die.

Rowena Barham, my great aunt and like a sister to my mom, died at age 102 and counting.  A genteel Southern lady who taught first grade in Jackson, TN, Rowena lived at Alexandria Place.  The last year of her life, they extended her care over and beyond that expected of an assisted living residence.  She was at home in her room of familiar furnishings, decorated with photos of her wedding, travels, and family.  I am especially fond of this photo, which shows her in her bridal gown with her husband J.T.  I pulled this photo from the trash at her home to restore it to her.  Because of an unscrupulous financial advisor, Rowena’s home was being stripped.  By coincidence and some lucky sleuthing, my brother and I recovered the picture you see here.  It feels like vindication and a triumph of sorts.

Robert Hoard, married to my dearest friend Eileen, died on the same day, surrounded by family present in person and by Skype.  I had the great honor of sitting vigil with him the night before.  Bob was a character who loved to dance, play cards, and brag about the accomplishments of his four daughters.  Bob had a kind heart.  One always knew when he was in the room.

Godspeed to both of you.

“We are all just walking each other home.”