Much as a songwriter blends lyrics and melody into one song, I will collaborate with you for all types of ceremonies and rituals:

  • welcoming babies and adoptions
  • naming ceremonies
  • guideparents
  • coming of age
  • commitment ceremonies
  • home blessings
  • milestone birthdays
  • women’s life passages
  • divorce ceremonies
  • healing from illness, trauma or addiction
  • work transitions
  • memorials
  • celebration of life ceremonies before someone  dies

I will help you sing your own unique song. Together we will develop a harmonious ceremony that will enrich your life and build community.

Also, I can develop ceremonies that honor corporate and civic events. I will use all opportunities to create connections through ceremony among neighbors, families and communities, both for healing and for celebration.

I, Marilyn Rampley, will honor your personal spiritual path and work closely with you to create a ceremony filled with intention, grace and beauty. Marking those special moments in life when all is transformed is a privilege and will enrich your life journey and connect you both with those you love and the universe.