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Christmas Music

At the request of  Hospice of the Valley I visited a group home with my synth and some Christmas music books.  When I arrived, the five residents were finishing breakfast and we had a chance for introductions and small talk.  I could tell that a range of physical and mental abilities were represented.  They seemed to be a family of sorts, looking out for one another, offering a hand with eating or speaking.  After breakfast we collected in a circle to sing together.

As we began O Little Town of  Bethlehem I heard a strong alto harmony accompanying our melody.  Looking at the caregiver, I saw tears and she mouthed to me that the singer has advanced Alzheimer’s.  She had no idea the woman in her care, who rarely speaks, had such a lovely singing voice.  To my wonder and joy, this beautiful woman sang EVERY song in a strong, clear, true alto harmony and knew every single word of even second and third verses.  The caregiver used her phone to record the event for family members.

I went there to give a gift.  That was accomplished–but in reality I received a much greater gift.