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Circle of Life Pet Memorial

 On April 25, next Wednesday at 6 PM at Shadow Rock, pet-lovers of all ages are invited to honor the pets they have lost during the last year.  They can bring a photo of their pet and tell us something unique or special about that it.  We’ll put the pictures on a bulletin board for all to share.

One idea I’m borrowing from M. S. Kosins is about the four special days in a pet’s life.  They are:

First—When you bring home your new pet.

Second—When you realize your pet is growing older or is sick or lost.

Third—When your pet dies.

Fourth—When you realize Living Love.

Living Love is the time when we know that, like a favorite fragrance that lingers with us, our relationship with each animal we have loved and lost will remain with us to be cherished forever.  The Circle of Life sustains and enriches us.

We’d love to have you join us.