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My last entry was three months ago.  In that time I retired from a job held 37 years, attended my first family reunion without my mom, and kept my promise to make “no lists” in June.

July with its relentless heat is upon us.  This is the month where everyone in Phoenix that can leaves town and the rest of us crawl into our shells—actually, into our air-conditioned, closed-up living spaces where we wish we could leave town.  Yet, I venture that this is a time for creativity and birthing new ideas.

The last two days I began fashioning an office at Shadow Rock for my celebrant practice.  Choosing which books to put on the shelves, discovering the internet connection is alive and well, framing my certificates—this is real!  It is happening!  It is exciting!  To be supported for a spiritual practice that serves the community of church folks AS WELL AS non-church folks is progressive and forward-thinking.  But I would expect no less from such an open and affirming church.

The best part of new office is that it is in a corner of the choir room and there is a piano!  I took a break this afternoon and banged out a piece David Wo and I wrote in another lifetime.  It’s about being co-creators with the Divine and captures how I feel right now.

I AM a co-creator and life is good.