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Dead in September

air pollution,Earth,ecology,environments,globes,greenhouse effects,greenhouses,heating,heats,hot,maps,nature,planets,plants,rays,sunOne morning this week I walked outside and was hit by something foreign to this time and place–cool air!  Maybe not cool by others’ standards, but cool to me.

By September the oppressive desert heat has worn me down.  It must be a similar experience as places where winter ice and snow force folks to stay inside.  I’ve written about this before, but I don’t think I’ve adequately explained what happens to my soul by summer’s end.  I feel dry, desiccated, shriveled, abandoned, hopeless, like the croaked plants on our front porch.

The air conditioner recirculates the same air.  Its hum is a regular part of daily life.  The electric bills are horrendous.  We hurry through outside doorways quickly so that the inside air cannot escape.  That’s it—we are imprisoned.  And we are tired of it!  I am tired of it!

So when I went out to fetch the paper and cool air and the smell of rain greeted me, I figuratively kicked up my heels.  

Grace is still available and will once again, soon, be abundant.