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Fall Arrives

On Monday the air was different.  Did you feel it?  The oppressive heat had broken and fall arrived.  It’s still not that banner headline day when we can open up our houses and turn off the AC, but it’s coming!

This is the time of year in Phoenix when kids can once again play outside.  They need some unstructured outside play time as well as all the sports activities parents line up.  Digging in the dirt, swinging in the back yard, running with the dog, riding a bike—all of these develop every part of your child.

We know about the gross and fine motor practice, but have you thought about the awe and wonder practice?  Mother Nature has much to teach us in that department.  Today it rained sideways!  Did you see it?  I bet your kids did.  It hailed.  Did you taste it?  Maybe, if your kids were lucky, they did.  The lightning and thunder were better than a laser light show.  Wow!

In this photo taken in Sedona of our youngest grandchild, you can see a little boy, airborne, hurtling through space headed for a large pile of leaves.  He is Indiana Jones and Luke Skywalker and Batman combined into one.  With every fiber of his body he is immersed in the stupendous Gift of the Earth.  He is Master of his Universe.  He is King of the Leaves.  He is Superboy!

Give your children the chance to do the same.

Let’s head outdoors!