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Flagstaff Gathering


Sixty-five women gathered in the cavernous Little America meeting room where an impressive leader began singing.  Suddenly the chatter stopped and the focus narrowed.


Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.

Words from a Mary Oliver poem

Yes.  Yes, that’s true.  Sometimes all around me is but a distraction from focusing on the profound meaning of  THIS moment now.  Blessings flow all around me, wrapping me in a cocoon of safety and beauty.  It’s time to pay attention; to be held in the arms of the Divine; to sing with my soul.

At last year’s national gathering with a similar group, I woke up with this fully-formed song in my consciousness:

Love falls down like gentle rain, washing out regret and pain. 

The desert blooms again.

echo:  Pitter Patter, love is falling down.

At both venues we moved into church space to sing together.  The sacred was all around and within and without both before and after we moved. 

I am truly blessed wherever I stand.