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High School Graduation

I’ve known Megan since she was a preschooler, so it was with great joy that I worked with her mom to create a graduation celebration.

When she was young and they moved into their house, Megan used yarn to make a giant web throughout both the upstairs and downstairs.  Her family even crawled up the stairs so that they could enjoy the web for several days.  When we were brainstorming I mentioned using a yarn ball, tossing it from person to person, with each one giving their wish or advice to her as she leaves the safety of home and flies off to college.  It was a “keeper” idea and we included it.  At the end of the ceremony her parents cut the yarn, releasing Megan into her future.

What followed shows the power of ceremony begetting ceremony.  An attendee was so moved by the ritual that she offered to make from the yarn we used a scarf for Megan to take with her off to college.  When she wears it she will remember this evening and all those who continue to hold her as she transitions into this next stage of life.  Powerful!