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Reach Marilyn Rampley and Life-Cycle Celebrations at or 602-938-2351.

To learn more about Celebrancy, go to

 To learn about a progressive, open and affirming congregation supportive of the celebrant movement and inventing new rituals for a whole life, visit  To learn of their healing center, go to .

To learn more about singing with a Threshold Choir, being present musically at the transition threshold between life and death, go to  To learn about the Phoenix West Threshold Choir, go to that page on this website and/or contact Marilyn at .

If you are seeking information about home and/or green funerals, visit

Ann Mortifee’s music has been a part of my ceremonies of healing.  My introduction to her music was “Serenade at the Doorway”, which musically illuminates the journey of dying.  Written for terminally ill people and their families, she powerfully and beautifully illustrates the process.  Listen to “This is a Healing Journey” and “Anger is a Fever”.  You will be changed.  Her newest book and CD, In Love with the Mystery, serendipitously arrived in my mailbox last week just in time for reading with a severely depressed friend.  Check out her website at

For weddings in Arizona and ceremonies in Tucson, contact Kristine Bentz at

A wonderful website about Jewish ritual innovations for holidays and lifecycles as well as time-honored Jewish customs can be found at