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As I sit to write a Christmas letter, where we’ve been reels through my mind like a broadcast news report and where we’re going like a preview of coming attractions.  Pathways delivered us in this moment and open before us.

Silly humans that we are, we still believe we can order the future, choose the story and pick the plot.  Honestly, we know that saying yes to one pathway and no to another does shape the journey ahead.  Yet we never can be assured that our dreams and final destination will be as we hope.  All we can order is our style of dance.

Will you waltz through the next year?  Square dance?  Ballet on your tippy-toes?  March like a tin soldier?  Are you opting for Lincoln Center, Trafalger Square, or just your own living room?

What will be your style?  Who will lead and who will follow?  How fast-paced is the music?  What will you wear? 

What caption will go under next year’s Christmas letter?