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Saying Good-bye

Good-byes are difficult for preschoolers.  They are afraid that their loved one will not return to pick them up.  They know that their very life and all that keeps them safe depends on the nurture and presence of the person who’s leaving.

It’s fun to watch rituals that surround saying good-bye at preschool:

  • Don’t have too much fun, Mom says teasingly.
  • Here’s a kiss to put in your pocket.  You can feel it any time you’re lonely.
  • Dad says See ya later, Alligator. Child replies After while, Crocodile.
  • Feel your belly button and know that we’re connected Mom says.
  • Parent gives one last hug and one last kiss and gently pushes child into class.
  • Dad and child race up the hilly sidewalk to see who’s the faster and Dad declares that they both won!
  • Grandma parks over the bridge in the furthest parking lot just so they can look for the mean ugly troll that lives underneath.  Whew!  We escaped again!

Saying good-bye to loved ones is important at any age.  We never know which will be our last chance.  Good-bye and I love you are never clichés, but rather the ritual glue that keep us connected.