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Season Mix-Up

In Phoenix our seasons are 180 degrees off from most of the poetry and literature written to celebrate the seasons.  We’re more in sync with Australia than New York.

I’ve read poems about the wonderful, outdoor splendor of summer with its lazy days of fishing and lying in the grass.  Summer here is hell on earth.  No one ventures out except those heroes who refinish roofs and deliver the mail.

Winter is described as a time of cocooning and darkness and being inside.  Not here!  Winter is fabulous!  We play tag football on Christmas Day!

Spring is a time of rebirth and watching the first crocus poke through the snow.  Late winter here finds the desert in full bloom, but by mid-spring all has turned brown.  All bets are on for which day will finally reach 100 degrees and which date we will close up and turn on the AC.  This can happen as early as April.  We are so sad.

Fall is a time for gathering in the harvest in preparation for the long nights ahead.  Here we scream with joy the first morning when a cool breeze greets us as we leave hibernation and venture out.  The day you can finally turn off the AC and open the windows is a red letter day!

See what I mean?