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Some “Cereus” Celebrating

I have a dear Phoenix friend who sent me this photo of her blooming cereus cactus.  She wrote that I have always thought that flowers are the clearest proof of the existence of God.  These blossoms last one night and are spectacular.

I was reminded of my mom’s cereus plant.  It was a different variety and was transplanted from my Kentucky great-grandmother’s garden.  We lived in a small New Mexico town and anticipating the blooms’ opening date was “serious cereus” fun.  A tiny pistil rose during the night above the representational cradle of Jesus while the overwhelming sweet fragrance filled the room.  If bright lights were shone on the blossoms, they shook vehemently, proclaiming their worth.  It was like Christmas in the summer.

We would plan opening night parties.  Once my friend’s father came and brought his movie camera and lights.  Another year my close friend from across the street and lots of neighbors came to gaze at the wonder.  We served refreshments and were allowed to stay up late.

My last post was about celebrating life’s moments.  Remembering back, I learned this from a good teacher, my mother, whose joy was wondrous and shared abundantly with others.