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Surprises come in all sizes.  There are those monumental ones that shake our foundations, the in-between ones that cause us to pause a minute, and the tiny ones we hardly notice.

Really big surprises are usually heavily weighted with emotion.

  • Our youngest child is now 10 and I’m pregnant?  (surprise plus fear plus joy)
  • Your medical condition is not treatable.  (surprise plus fear plus grief)
  • Our car was totaled?  (surprise plus fear again)

The medium ones cause us to stop and re-evaluate, to ask questions, to try to solve the problem.

  • The stitches will leave a scar?  Is there anything I can do?
  • The water pump is out on the car?  How much will that cost?
  • You are certain you lost your assignment?  What will your teacher do?

The little ones can be a source of joy.  This happens often at Shadow Rock Preschool.

  • You remembered to ask for more paint.  I’m so pleased.
  • You really enjoyed the pretend safari more than the egghunt?  I’ll remember that for next time.
  • You like to eat the hummus?  You’d like it every day?  Wow!

Remember to appreciate the small surprises.  Don’t let them cause you to panic or short circuit the process of finding joy in seeing new dimensions in a child.

  • I knew you were really shy, and I never guessed you’d be able to tell him to “Stop!”
  • You found a new way to build a marble maze and you’re using a ping pong ball instead of a marble.  Cool!
  • I’ve wondered how much the children would like watching me make playdough.  Wow!  They loved it!  Remember this for next month.

Pay attention to the small surprises and treasure them in your heart.  Of such are the building blocks of joy created.