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Thin Places

When Mom died, she left several well-tended plants in her home.  Her thumb remained green throughout her struggle with ovarian cancer and those caring for her were instructed when and how to water the plants, turn them toward the sun, fertilize them, etc.

When Mom died, two beautiful Christmas cacti were available and a nephew’s wife claimed the smaller.  I decided to take the larger one and it rode between my husband and me in the moving truck between Fort Collins and Phoenix.  I guarded it carefully and was happy when it arrived intact.

Where to put it?  First I chose a place close to the kitchen table so we could enjoy it daily, but the plant didn’t thrive.  I decided it needed more light so it traveled to a sunny south-facing bedroom window.  There it began to grow again.

Recently, while talking long distance with my brother, I glanced down to see little pink knobs at the end of some segments.  It dawned on me that the Christmas cactus was blooming—something that’s never happened before in our home.  My thumb is decidedly purple.  Upon closer examination, I saw that several buds had actually become small blooms.  And there were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 buds and then another 5 more!

As tears coursed my cheeks, I shared with my brother.  Not only had I not killed Mom’s plant, it was blooming!

Into the thin place between life and death, I whispered in her ear, “Look, Mom, it’s blooming!  I didn’t kill it!  It (and all you gave us) is blooming!”