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Valentine Wishes

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m wearing my traditional outfit, which since his death has been my father’s bathrobe.  It’s silk and has red hearts on a black background and makes a nice jacket.  Dad loved fancy clothes, shoes and boots.  All day I’ve been wrapped in a posthumous hug from my father.

Dad was a man of few words, a hard worker, gentle, expert in fixing things, and fiercely proud of his kids.  He had a strong sense of fairness and was known as a good boss at the gasoline plant where he eventually became the superintendant.  He attended every piano recital, band and choir concert, and school event where I performed, every ball game and spelling contest of my brothers.  He generally let Mom do the talking, but he made his presence known and we respected him.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dad.  And Happy Valentine’s Day to all proud dads everywhere.